Going global!!

Seems everywhere I look I am coming across articles and references to HypnoBirthing®.

Have you heard about a  magazine entitled “Juno?”

“Juno’s ethos is based on conscious parenting, sustainability, social justice, non violence and a committment to personal growth and spiritual awareness.”

A well balanced article featuring HypnoBirthing® was a delight to read. I have been giving the couples that come to my HypnoBirthing® classes copies of this magazine. Always good to read about HypnoBirthing® from another practitioner’s perspective-and to read first hand accounts of HypnoBirthing® working.

Midwives have their own magazine. Did you know that? It is called, ” The Practising Midwife.”

Their strap line is ” The Best Job In The World”.  

Can’t argue with that. In this month’s edition there is an article called, ” HypnoBirthing®-keeping Calm.”  More explanations as to why HypnoBirthing® works. And it does.

Then there was the Soaps. Corrie to be exact. References made to reading the HypnoBirthing Book.® Great!!

 HypnoBirthing® needs to be made more mainstream. I always ask the couples that come to my classes how they found out about HypnoBirthing®. This is some of their replies:

  • ” I googled waterbirths and HypnoBirthing® popped up.”

  • ” My Auntie is a midwife, and she insisted that I find out about HypnoBirthing ®! “

  • ” I remember reading an article about HypnoBirthing® some years ago, and when I   discovered I was having a baby, I was determined to learn about having an amazing experience.”

  • “I enjoy yoga and meditation, and this seemed a natural progression when I was pregnant.”

  • “ Someone at work had just had a baby using HypnoBirthing®, and she recommended it.”

  • ” I wanted a natural birth, and had read a magazine article about HypnoBirthing®.”

  • ” My cousin used HypnoBirthing® when she had my neice; she advised me to go on a HypnoBirthing course.®”

So, word is spreading, through the media-magazines and television, but more importantly through word of mouth.


I have a daughter. When I add “Kind words” to my testimonial page, or when I upload a new blog post, I always ask her to have a look at what I have written. Looking on my website, she took my breath away when she said,

“The words that these parents are saying to you about having a baby are so beautiful. I am going to tell my friends about HypnoBirthing.® When I have a baby, I won’t be scared.”

My daughter-I am so happy for you,

Your loving mother xxxxx

HypnoBirthing® really does take the fear out of having a baby. Give me a ring to find some suitable dates for you to come and join us on this amazing course.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Annie.

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