Granny knows.

The rendez vous was 2.30pm at High Street Kensington Tube Station. Destination was Top Secret. Reservations made a week before hand. Dress code was ultra chic. Accessories one camera.

During the war Granny had been there. She remembered the flamingos very well. Have you noticed when a flamingo blinks, its bottom eye lid closes upwards? Unperturbed by people walking by, they either snooze on the spot or else wander sedately round, their long necks allowing them to inquisitively peer above the box hedges.

The flamingos lead the way to the stream and the footbridge. Several chicks are resting and the scene is so quintessentially english. High above the city hustle and bustle, you are only aware of the gardens. Fig trees, Passion flowers, Jacaranda trees, and grape vines thrive in this hidden paradise. A pavillion beckons and as we part the drapes we enter into a whole new world.Lamps and silks adorn the walls and throws and cushions cover the low sofas. Mirrors, candles and lattice screens complete the picture. A private and sumptuous space, ideal for coffee and conversation.

Bottles of bubbly and champagne flutes are laid out in preparation for the forthcoming celebrations. Wonder if they use the art of sabarage to pop the corks?

The view from the roof is truly stunning and we take the opportunity to be creative and take some portal snaps of the landscape down below. Our senses are assailed and delighted. Excellent food with friendly non invasive service, and a trip to the rest room, complete with a fish tank filled with tropical fish, leave us feeling replete and happy. A great catch up with a midwife friend. Lots to discuss and where better to mull over thoughts in such a convivial venue.

Mission accomplished. Home on the evening train. Feeling satisfied. Refreshed and ready for the next HypnoBirthing© session.

Come and join us as you prepare to have your baby. The journey is incredible. Would love to meet you. Annie xx


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