It is a massive testament to the continued success of the HypnoBirthing© sessions that I run, that I have so many women and partners signing up for classes for their second and subsequent babies.

Looking around me, I can see that many years ago, I was the only midwife/hypnobirthing practitioner in town, and now everywhere I look, new businesses, new hypnobirthing courses are popping up.

Should I be worried?

I think not. Shropshire is a big county and there are plenty of magical births to be shared. I am pretty interested in the journey each new hypnobirthing teacher has taken in order to arrive at this point in their personal journey.

I feel secure and confident that my background as an experienced midwife puts me in the perfect position to run these sessions. Years of being with women. With couples.

Before birth. During birth. After the birth.

All the” Thank you cards ” I have received, from the first birth I attended as a trainee midwife, to being the experienced midwife that I am today, I have kept. All the bouquets of flowers I have been gifted, not only from couples whose births I have attended, but from grateful couples who have come to the hospital antenatal classes that I ran for a decade. All these bouquets have made me feel like The Queen of Sheeba.

I feel  very special and incredibly appreciated.

And full of gratitude.

If you are having a baby, or  adding to your family, e-mail me. It is just so marvellous being part of your journey into parenthood.To give you the tools to enable you to have the best birth that you can have, being fulfilled and satisfied and proud. Feels good typing these words.

Pretty emotional too.Think I am living the dream!!!! Annie xx

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