Green Coat, Pink Scarf Combo.

It’s 9.10am and I am late and completely LOST.It seems that everyone I ask for directions doesn’t speak english. On a whim, I cross the road and apprehend a woman who is wearing a pink coat. “Excuse me”, I say, “Can you help me? I am Annie, I am a midwife and I am going on a course and this is the address”.

Turns out that Claire loves midwives, and had already clocked my new green coat and pink scarf combo. A woman knows these essentials. Just a sweep of the eye does it. Easy. Instead of talking directions, we are detailing where to buy the coat. I had been stalking it for ages, and because it was unlined, I had been unwilling to pay the full price. Even at the start of the sales, there had been a slight reduction, but on the day when the coat was reduced to half the original price, I did not delay. Everywhere I go, people comment and smile at me. I hope they are smiling with me and not at me. Forgot to say, I was also sporting a dark grey beanie, and a ochre coloured handbag.

Me, I like a pop of colour, and on this rainy, dreary day when all the underground trains were not running, everyone seemed to be dressed in black, or dark grey.My green coat lifts my spirits and I gladly accepted a lift from Claire. Never accept a lift from a stranger. I know, but there was such synchronicity here. First there was the coat connection. Secondly, Claire knew where I was going, as two years ago she had acquired some doors that were no longer needed, as a loft conversion necessitated fire regulation doors, from the person who was running the course that I was on.

So, Claire, who had just dropped her son off at school, and who lives near PARK ROAD, and who now will be wearing a fabulous boucle unlined green coat,thank you for your kindness. You made my day.

Annie xxx

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