The ribbons caught my eye as I was browsing in my favourite part of any department store. Why, it’s the HABERDASHERY section. I even love just saying the word!!!! I was on a mission to replenish my dwindling stock and was after a ♥cream ♥ribbon♥ with embroidered♥ grey ♥hearts.♥ Don’t you think that coloured tissue paper embellished with fancy ribbons are a winning combination?

I discovered a gorgeous shop the other day in Wimbledon. It is called  ” Stitch-Up ”

visit www.stitchup.co.uk This is what the charming lady who runs it says,

” And now at last, I’ve achieved my heartfelt ambition: Stitch-up, my very own version of the traditional haberdashery shop “.

What a dream job!!!!!

Recently I was running an antenatal class in the local maternity unit and as the class was ending, I just caught sight of two very familiar figures.One of my HypnoBirthing® couples were making their way to the labour ward, and had rung the labour ward bell when I intercepted them. They took time out to come into my little room without a view.

  •  we did some relaxation and breathing.
  • music in the background.
  •  holding HER ribbon, a blue satin ribbon .
  • visualising  the ribbon and also feeling and seeing the soft ribbon in her hand.

Talk about serendipity! Such a great meeting, and so empowering for all of us. And time and time again, I am bowled over by the way the couples embrace all the HypnoBirthing® techniques. Mind and body prepared for having a baby. Marvellous!!

Another couple were on a mini break and went to buy a blue satin ribbon. The shop keeper was curious and wanted to know why they wanted it. When he was told it would help them have their baby calmly, he put the ribbon in a bag, and said. ” No charge!”. The kindness of strangers.

Come and find out more how blue satin ribbons can prepare you for having the best birth that you can have. Give me a ring. I would love to hear from you.

Plus you too can get to wander round haberdashery departments. MMmmmmm.

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