Heads or tails?

Which way up?



Which way is your baby lying? Head first…or bottom first? Lots of mamas know, but don’t worry if you don’t have a clue, because your midwife will work it out for you – all part of the job description!I love it when all the mamas in my HypnoBirthing® classes are r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g and I can see their babies wriggling away underneath their jumpers! Sometimes you can see a lot of activity going on!



  • During your pregnancy you may have an ultra sound scan for different reasons.
  • You can see with the help of a skilled sonographer how your baby is lying.
  • Babyvision- a 4D scanning company, are extremely professional and highly skilled, and offer lots of packages for looking at your baby.
  • Check out their details : www.babyvision.co.uk

When I was training to be a midwife, my tutor was such a good teacher –enthusiastic –experienced and knowledgeable., and she made me think very carefully each time I felt a mama’s tummy to find out how the baby was lying inside. I had to make the connection between the size of the baby – and the age of the baby. Makes sense doesn’t it? But like any new skill, it had to be learnt.

1)      Just look at the shape of the mama’s tummy.

2)      Now look and see the shape the baby makes.

3)      Measure where the top of the womb is.

4)      Feel what part of the baby is making friends with the pelvis.

5)      Work out where the baby’s back is.

6)      See if you can feel the baby’s arms and legs move.

7)      Listen to the baby’s heart beat.

..and then if the baby is nearly fully grown – estimate how much does the baby weigh.For me, I am pretty good at estimating how heavy a baby is around the end of the pregnancy. I gently feel the baby with my fingertips –and then I visualise the size of the baby that I am feeling, and the weight comes to me. Always in pounds and ounces – never in kilos.I have been spot on-sometimes just an ounce or two out.

The way your baby is lying can affect the way you have your baby. Other factors also influence your baby’s birth, but – it is important to have good posture whilst you are pregnant. No slouching on the sofa at the back there!

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