Here come the Girls!!

It has only happened once before. Five couples all expecting little boys!!

We had such a wonderful catch up at one of our coffee morning reunions when we welcomed Eli, Little James, Freddie, Edward and Casper who was born on Christmas eve. I remember so well the last HypnoBirthing® session these couples came to. It was the night of the Power Cut, when we had candle light and sat snuggled under blankets. Camilla had baked a delicious cake and the whole atmosphere felt so happy and festive!!

Now it the turn to welcome five little girls;

Evelyn a sister for big brother Seb. Helena, a sister for Martha, Annabel, a little sister for Evelyn, Olive, a sister for Ruby, and now little Freya,  Kris and Holly’s daughter.

So a massive welcome to all you beautiful babies.I know already about your calm births and how wonderful all you men were, and how chilled out you mothers were.

Positive birth experiences. So memorable.

Can’t wait to catch up with you all and meet your gorgeous girls. Annie xxx

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