Home made biscuits.

The 5 weeks of the HypnoBirthing®  course always seems to go so quickly. How can time pass like this without anyone realising?I have had a quiet day at home today so I surprise everyone, including myself, by baking a batch of biscuits. Obviously I have been watching The Great British Bake Off and the contestants’ talents have inspired me to rustle up a little something for the evening.

Greek honey and cinnamon artisan biscuits fit the bill.

However, the honey is not the aromatic pine scented honey that you can taste in Greece, but honey from our own beehives. Lots of them sitting in the field next door.

Sitting quietly in the field we harvest the honey sometimes 2x a year if we are lucky.

Jars of nectar sit on the aga and not a drop is wasted.

A relaxing and stress free  morning for me, and a delicious aroma for the evening refreshment break.


I know these couple all feel very differently now about having a baby. It is so obvious in their demeanour and in their eyes.This is what they all said,


“Feel much more positive. We are excited about labour and birth and meeting our baby. I feel much calmer and know that my body is perfectly capable of giving birth.”

” We feel much more relaxed and confident about having our baby at home now. We were unsure of what to expect and now we feel prepared and calm about birthing.”

“It is nice to understand the process from a more holistic/esoteric viewpoint”

Then this e.mail pinged in my in box.

Thank you so much for all your help and involvement with the preparation of all three of our pregnancies , I feel very lucky to have had you be a part in all of them and benefited in many different ways each time. xxx

I am so happy that as well as showing you how to use all the HypnoBirthing® techniques, I can share with you my knowledge and experience as a midwife. Feel very privileged. Thank you guys for signing up. Such a pleasure to meet you all. The coffee morning invites will be soon winging their way to you. Can’t wait to meet you all again and cuddle your babies!! Annie xxx


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