HypnoBirthing HQ.

Sitting at the kitchen table, the cloth is festooned with ribbons. Gauzy eretheral white ones, aqua paisley patterned ones and cardboard spools of ribbons embroidered with spots and hearts.

Assorted tissue paper to mix and match and the hardest part is deciding what prezzie to wrap in these gorgeous fripperies.Two cups of tea and a whole packet of Jaffa cakes later the job is done. “Magical Ursula”of the award winning brandy sozzled aga baked fruit cakes, you can see what she does by visiting www.mycottagekitchen.co.uk has made my life easy by choosing the wrapping paper, the ribbon and the gift that is to be wrapped. All I do is cut the sticky tape and  tie the bows.

Here at the HypnoBirthing HQ we spend a serene afternoon warmed by the aga, talking bulbs and businesses.

  • We have both come a long way from when we first started.
  • Both of us are much more confident now that we are well established.
  • We are both moving forward with our ideas.
  • Our budgets are in check.
  • We are aware of our competitors.

Ursula’s business started as a hobby and now her cakes are in demand from far away destinations.From the South Pole to Camp Bastion her cakes have been eaten with relish and gusto and with requests for ” more please”.

Go Girl!!!!

How lucky we both are to be doing “Jobs” that we both are so passionate about.Talk about rural bliss.We are both living the dream in the country.

Do get in touch for information on HypnoBirthing® courses as it changes the way you have a baby.And don’t forget to visit Ursula’s website and order her boozy HIC award winning fruit cakes.Make sure you look at the way some of the bows on her cake tins have been tied. You may notice the hand of a midwife has been involved here.

Now taking bookings for the January course-something rather special to look forward to after the Christmas festivities.Do get in touch and change the way you have your baby, or babies.It really is a priceless investment. Annie.




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