In awe.

I’ve only just remembered this. One of the women on the HypnoBirthing® course brought HER mother along to one of the evenings. It was the first session whereby the scene is set. When we took a break for refreshments and a leg stretch, I asked the Grandmother to be how she felt the session was going.

” Quite Simply, She’s My Baby, And She Is Having Her Baby!! “♥♥♥

Incredibly emotional words and intensely powerful too. Three generations all in the same room, preparing for the best birth they could have.When a baby is born, everyone moves up a generation. Parents become grandparents and children become parents or aunts and uncles.  All change.

That’s when the memory came flooding back to me. There was a time when not many men came into the labour ward, let alone the labour room. There was a waiting room at the end of the ward, and this is where  some of the  men waited. Only two of us the birth room. Me and the mother to be. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it transpired that the woman’s mother was just outside. Imagine my surprise when I realised that the grandmother in waiting was a colleague. A fabulous midwife. A midwife I totally hero worshipped.

Now there were three of in the room and what a beautiful moment for a mother to watch HER baby have Her grandchild. How could I forget this tender scene. Not many mothers had that opportunity at that time.

Lots of mothers come with their daughters to my classes. Often at first there is a slight awkwardness and a hesitation accompanied by nervous laughter, followed shortly afterwards by total understanding and harmony.

Delightful. Love Mothers and Daughters.



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