International Contingency.

The e.mails are pinging merrily and rapidly into my in box this week.Lots of different classes have been running.HypnoBirthing® sessions, “Labour” mornings, Waterbirth classes , “Baby Practicalities” sessions plus a coffee morn reunion.

Busy Busy.But such sweet rewards.

The saying goes, “New House, New Baby”,and this adage was never so true for one of my International couples who travelled a long way each week for the HypnoBirthing® classes.After each session, the couple would drive home, passing a 24 hour supermarket so they could purchase their weekly groceries, before arriving home after midnight.

House move on the 8th. Birth pool set up on the 9th. Curtains being hung between contractions.

A home birth, a water birth, a HypnoBirth®.Wowza!!

The midwives brought Pethidine ampoules and gas and air to the house, which were neither wanted or needed. The HypnoBirthing® techniques were used and the birth was “PERFECT”.

Calm parents, chilled out baby, gentle birth.

Congratulations to you both-am thrilled to bits for you. Anniexxx .Travel definitely broadens the mind and opens up new and exciting possibilities. Give me a ring to find out more about how HypnoBirthing® can change the way you view having a baby.It really does work. Annie.

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