Isn’t this marvellous?

Made me smile all day

Made me smile all day!

Last night was a hoot. Don’t think I’ve ever had a group that have laughed so much!  We did try to contain it, but laughter is so contagious, that in the end we gave in and giggled our way through the session.

Talk about relaxing and letting go!!

First it was the fact that sleep overcame some of the group members. It was their partners that started the chuckling. Then one of the men was reading a short passage from the book, when he lost it. It was the waver in his voice that alerted us all!!  Next up it was the artistic talents of the men drawing on the flip chart that reduced us to fits. They weren’t laughing-but their partners were, so of course we all joined in. Solidarity and all that. Pictures not drawn to scale. Cartoon caricatures. Very impressive chaps!

Then at the tea break, the chit chat came round to names, and how you have to be so careful when choosing names that are running together. No inappropriate abbreviations, or names that maybe shortened to nick-names. I desist here from giving examples.

Next up was a group photo, everyone was groaning as it was an unmeditated photo opportunity. I like the non posed photos, with the pictures that capture people looking happy and relaxed and spontaneous, just  before they take their final stances. The aim is to click the button before they are ready. They always are the best sort. People just look so beautiful when they are caught unawares.

With HypnoBirthing®, one of the suggestions to the parents is for them to find some humorous reading to help them relax when they are having their baby. Relaxation lets your birthing muscles get on and do the job they are perfectly designed to do. In future, I have decided that I am going to record my classes, and give each couple a copy-so that the laughter continues.

Everyone left the class on a total high, filled with positivity and confidence that all the HypnoBirthing® techniques that they are being shown will really make such a difference in the way they will have their babies.

 Shorter labour. Dad so involvedCalm birth. Calm baby.

Do get in touch to find out more about HypnoBirthing®. One lovely sister has just bought a HypnoBirthing® course as a prezzie for her brother and sister in law. How nice is that!!!! Call me on 01743 861235, for a chat. I am happy to talk, Annie.




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