“It really woks! It truly is amazing!” These are the words that my friend spoke when I last saw her. Standing in my kitchen she told me that HER friend has a daughter who was having a baby. Not here in Shropshire. Down south.

Months earlier I had advised my friend to suggest to HER friend to suggest to her daughter to trawl the web and find a HypnoBirthing© Practitioner locally.

Seemed like my suggestion had been taken on board.

  • Helen has just had her first baby.
  • A shortened first labour.
  • ¬†No pain relief.
  • Her baby is calm and chilled out.
  • Her partner is calm and chilled out too.
  • Totally works.


So there you have it. Straight from the mouth and heart of a new grandma about the calm, sweet arrival of her first grandchild. Her name? Why, Rosie Mae.

Love this story. Not just because it is so true, but also when sweet little Rosie grows up, if she has children, then SHE will have no fears about having a baby. Win Win!!

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