It’s all about The View

Really. This is a fact. The view and of course if you are by the sea side, the other consideration is where to moor the boat.

“Tis the month to launch the boats and now the Harbour Master is allocating all the moorings. Nearby if you have lived there for ever. Out at sea if you are the new kid on the block. Each mooring has a number on it so that there is no room for error. Bright pink markers denote the new moorings. Looks pretty out to sea to me. But what do I know?

I go to the coast to relax, unwind and have a perfect day of tranquillity with family and friends. A walk on the beach followed by a meal down the road at the pub. On Thursday, the Crab Man will be starting his work, so next time I go there, I am hoping for a freshly dressed crab. Lobsters are sold as well. Not so brave when it comes to lobsters. Did take one back in the car last year. Granddad loved it. I didn’t enjoy the journey sitting beside Larry. Too close for comfort.

Taking time out just to forget what has gone before, and not even to think about all the things I have to do keeps me grounded and balanced. I need this time solely for me. Time to sit and enjoy the sea breeze on my face. Time to smell the sea and time to be quiet and go within myself. This restores me and allows me to be refreshed and energised so that I know I can do a good job when I go back to work.

Lots of courses on offer. Daytime sessions “Just For Women”, classes for couples mainly in the evening, and lots of 1 to 1 with couples wanting both fertility awareness sessions and also HypnoBirthing┬« sessions. Life is busy, but I feel as though I am truly living The Dream.

Come and join an ever increasing number of like minded people who want to find out more about having a baby, using breathing and relaxation techniques. It will truly change the way you view having a baby. Can’t wait to meet you. Annie x

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