Simple Pleasures.

Recently I went on a cookery course.Beautiful location.Fabulous recipes with fresh aromatic ingredients.Plus the opportunity to taste the fruits of my labours over lunch washed down by a glass of wine.In order to remember details, I take jottings, and whilst I found the recipes we made were delicious, it was the chef’s throw away lines that were the real nuggets of gold. All the other uses of the dishes, how to enhance, how to subtly offer the same ingredients in a totally different format, with the addition of fruits, or glazes, or simply altering the texture.These were the real delights.


So it is with the HypnoBirthing® classes. HypnoBirthing ® rocks. I know that.But sometimes the sweetest e.mails I receive are those that arrive months after couples have become parents,when all the dust has settled, and families are immersed in their new lives.

Read this. This made my heart sing.

About 3 weeks ago I stopped a woman in Paperchase to ask her about the sling she was wearing to carry her baby. Today she invited me to her home and made me a cup of Earl Grey tea in this cup.We had an impromptu lunch in the garden with out little bundles of joy,shared our birth stories and chatted.Uncanny really, we both had similar birth experiences and generally a lot in common.This could be the making of a new friendship and many more lovely afternoons to come. Indeed, “Life can be so sweet” and today it was for me.

Blessings, Emilyxxx

(With thanks to Izzy’s mama for her kind permission to use her words and photo and not minding having her thoughts published to the world.)


Having a baby changes your lives,so embrace this new stage  and have lots of sweet days, with new friends.Our coffee morning re-unions are always sweet. Wonderful for everyone to catch up, and of course I get to cuddle all these gorgeous chilled out, calm babies. Ahhhh life is indeed sweet for me too. Annie.



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