Just buzzzzin.

I could’t quite put my finger on what was so different about this evening, which set it apart from all the other occasions we had met. Right from the doorbell ringing, everything had flowed so easily. Effortless really.

Deep relaxation, with all outside distractions blocked out, was achieved and I felt so proud of all these couples.Lots of practise at home and a big commitment are the key elements of HypnoBirthing®. A recap of breathing techniques with music playing in the background. A lovely calm atmostphere in the warmth, even though outside temperatures had plummeted. Clear night you see.

More refreshments, then finishing off by pulling all the threads together.It was obvious in everybody’s eyes that the penny had truly dropped and the realisation was there, that really soon, why even tomorrow, that parenthood was imminent. Calmness and anticipation filled the room. Shining eyes. Confident men and women.

How I love my job.How lucky I was to have an enthusiastic midwife when I was undertaking my obstetric assignment in London, all those years ago. It was her professionalism and passion that inspired me to become a midwife. Then HypnoBirthing® followed, which is a welcome extension of my day job, with help from my hypnosis training. I wish I knew this midwife’s name, so that I could write and thank her. A true inspiration.

Come and join me to see how you can prepare your mind so that you can have the best birth for you. The right birth, at the right time for you. Truly a win win situation. I would love to meet you. Annie xx

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