Kate Middleton

CONGTRATULATIONS TO PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE MIDDLETON on their exciting news!! Kate is said to be considering HypnoBirthing® for when THE ROYAL BABY arrives.For discretion, The HypnoBirthing® Studio located in rural Shropshire is the ideal venue. Surrounded by fields and countryside, there are never any signs of the Paparazzi here. Plenty of room for either a Chinook or a Sea King to land. Squirrels from Shawbury have been known to land here. Just saying!!!!


I’VE been to London for a hypnosis course run by The British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis. A course for professionals, run by professionals. An excellent well thought out programme with a diverse and rich mix of  people from home and abroad, everyone bringing their own particular set of skills and experiences to the table.

WE worked in pairs and took each other to  Our Place Of Bliss “.

 So many different wonderful places, ranging from Bolton Abbey, to a garden in

Thailand to a Scottish Tarn. We also plunged our hands into bowls of freezing water with extra ice cubes, and we were able to leave our hands there, not noticing that the water was S.O   C.O.L.D.

I LEARNT so much from the other delegates, but I want to thank the beautiful woman who comforted and helped me when I was so worried about someone special in my life. I feel humbled that she took the time to make such a difference to me. It was definitely synchronicity that made me book onto THAT course, especially when there were other options much nearer to where I live.

SO what has made a difference to my practice as a midwife and HypnoBirthing® Practitioner?This course has definitely increased my knowledge about hypnosis, and allows me to be much more eloquent when I am talking about how hypnosis can be used as a therapy.In the New Year I will be offering Stop Smoking sessions for pregnant women. Effective and so beneficial for all concerned.

Last week at the local maty unit when I was setting up my room for an antenatal class as I started playing my calming  music, one of the Doctors came to see what was going on, I welcomed him to my “Place of Bliss”. Cue lots of laughter, as my room only has a skylight and no window!

LET me show you how to feel empowered and confident when you are having your baby, by joining us on a HypnoBirthing®course. I have a lot of skill and experience to offer you. Do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.






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