Kindle mania..

Kindle mania is a go-go …and I am feeling that I am out of kilter with the world….The appeal of a Kindle is perfect for travellers who like to take in excess of 9 books away on holiday – I can see the benefits.                                                                                       

Piles of gorgeous books

However, I must be a visual/kinaesthetic sort of person as I adore savouring a book even before I reach for the first page. Anyone else like doing this??? The cover draws me in with the allure and promise of all the delights that will unfold. Aren’t you fascinated by the cover, with all the various fonts and colours that have been used…even where the title has been positioned – very exciting.Then there are the borders and all the details that make up the images. Pure delight. If you have a hard back book, does anyone else slip the cover off and check out the front and back of the book hiding discreetly underneath the exterior… Close your eyes…and feel the texture of the paper  and smell the pages..divine.. ..

And what about book markers…do you use them…or do you turn the page corners down? I came across one of my mama’s books, and  discovered tickets from a show she had been too. I melt when I come across treasures like these. My favourite book mark has a little Eiffel tower on top of it.. very chic…

  Have a look…

 There is a gorgeous book that has been around for quite a while..almost a mini coffee table sort of book. Just beautiful for dipping in and out of  when you are having a baby.Lots of incredible  3 D panoramic photographs of a developing baby inside you.I’ve had this book a long time – and have lent it to so many mamas to be that the original copy literally fell apart. Turning the pages you become immersed in a baby’s intiguiging secret world. A world you only glimpse probably about twice in your pregnancy.

  The miracle of life.

 The book takes you from conception through the development of a baby with exquisite and immense attention to detail. Are you aware that between 16 – 20 weeks in your pregnancy -  just as you are starting to feel your baby move, individual strands of your baby’s hair are starting to be coloured by pigment cells? How clever is that??

At 27 weeks, the baby in utero can open and blink his or her eyes…also around this stage of pregnancy the baby’s hearing is finely tuned.Keep singing to your baby,because your baby already knows you!  Your voice will be imprinted into your baby’s consciousness. Harmonies are optional..

I liked reading about how a baby girl, in the 4th month of uterine life, will be in possession of all the eggs in her ovaries - albeit in an immature form – that she will need in her life time. So when you hold your baby girl, hold her gently as the next generation really is  in your hands.

Check out this book :   “A Child is Born” by Lennart Nilsson and Lars Hamberger. Absolutely gorgeous.

Tranquil surroundings

Talking about beautiful images, have you heard about BabyVision?  This is an antenatal scanning company run by Ruth, a very experienced sonographer, and her friendly receptionist Jane. Picture a scene of tranquillity with rustic barns over looking a duck pond – that’s where this small and well established company are located. They offer professional ultrasound scans throughout your pregnancy.Such a welcoming and pleasurable experience going there. They offer lots of different packages, so you are sure to find one to suit you.

Have a look at  their website :

To find out more about having a baby, and how you can have your baby in a calm and peaceful way, send an e.mail, or pick up the phone ( 01743 861235),  for a chat.

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