Can’t stop smiling…

When I was 22 years old, I wanted to go to Pithiviers in France and work alongside the inspirational Docteur Odent. Life has a funny way of taking unexpected twists and turns and it was only last Tuesday that I finally met my hero.

Michel Odent is an eminent French Obststetrician and has written many books, most of which I own. Erudite and fascinating to listen to he was the first guest speaker at The Maternity Forum held at The Royal Society of Medicine in Wimpole Street on November 25th.

What did he talk about? Why how babies need maternal love, and how over the years the way in which babies were separated from their mothers at birth has changed. Then,when a baby was born, the cord was quickly cut and the baby was handed to a care giver, and then placed in a nursery.

Antiseptic wash was used on the mother and the importance of the birthing environment was not given top priority.

The whole day was filled with admirable and inspiring speakers and I was so privileged to have been there.


I even unintentionally took the microphone and told Docteur Odent in front of all the delegates how much I had always wanted to meet him.

Absolutely shameless.

Have two photographs of him and me!!! Shook his hand, well, rather his little finger as it was the coffee break and he was laden down with cup and biscuit. Small chat and this midwife is extremely happy!! One day later and his books are now firmly on my bedside cabinet.

♥♥Can’t stop smiling!!!!!

Merci beaucoup Docteur Odent!!!

Feeling all inspired and ready for my next hypnobirthing course which is starting tomorrow evening. Can’t wait to meet everyone. Actually, two of the couples have been to my sessions before, so I am DOUBLY excited about catching up with them!!! Annie xx



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