” Two Fat Rascals “

That is the name of the venue where we all met. Not quite all, as Olive was on holiday with her big sister and parents. Great venue as there was nearby parking, friendly staff, good coffee and plenty of sofas and chairs.

Such a delight to meet up with everyone. These couples were having their second babies, so it was wonderful for me welcoming back parents that I had met the first time around. Looking at the babies, you could spot the family resemblances straight away. Little Annabel looked just like her big sister at her age. Or maybe it was a case of deja vu as I am sure I recognised her gorgeous outfit. We both went home to compare photographs!

Lots of hugs and baby cuddles and admiration for these fabulous parents with their chilled out babies. This is why I love my job!!! Total satisfaction.

Lunches to buy, builders to negotiate with and promises to keep in touch. The morning flew by, and then I received a beautiful photo of two little girls and the following words,

” Hi Annie, It was so lovely to see you again for coffee the other week. Thank you for organising everything. I cannot thank you enough Annie for helping me bring these two beautiful girls into the world calmly and for making me realise ” labour ” is a joyous thing to embrace.You are an inspiration to all pregnant women.”

Lots of love, Sian, Geoff, Evelyn and Annabel xxx

Feeling very happy!!Axx



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