Location,Location, Location.

Environment and ambience play a key role in running my HypnoBirthing® sessions and nothing is casual ,even though it may appear so.The HypnoBirthing® Studio is situated at the back of the house with a tranquil vista of a secluded garden which overlooks fields and rolling hills.The house is part of a small hamlet and should a power cut occur, then what can be more delightful than a shed load of candles softly lighting the room? In fact candle light has been requested as we all had a truly atmospheric evening a few weeks back.

Even the steps leading down to The Studio seem to symbolise walking down to a calmness that is a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.In modern life, hyperconnection is the name of the game and it is very refreshing to know that here there is only a flaky internet connection and a very poor signal for smart phones. The men especially say how much they are benefiting from the chill out sessions.

Couples say how much they like the venue as it is so personal and cosy and that instinctively they start to relax as soon as they enter the room. By the end of the session, no one is in a rush to disappear and many an evening we have all been chatting well on in to the night.

 There is a lot of support here through out pregnancy, during the birth and afterwards.

Prepare your mind for a positive birth experience. Join our HypnoBirthing® classes and see what a difference HypnoBirthing® makes.Priceless. Annie.


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