Love the bag!!

Ever had your attention caught by a handbag??? Well, it was this self contained fellow traveller with her bag casually resting on her knee that started my train of thoughts.

  • Head phones on
  • eyes closed
  • I-phone on table
  • ( gorg handbag)
  • Great style
  • confident young woman

Total immersion in her own world.

  • then reading
  • turning pages from the top.( I was taught that way)
  • feeling the rhythm of the train
  • aware yet unaware.
  • becoming mesmerised
  • in her own world.

Mentally alert yet relaxed.

Looks like the 2nd session of the HypnoBirthing® course. Letting go and going with the flow.

Can’t help smiling. It seems everywhere I go, I find people totally absorbed in what ever they are doing.Do you remember learning to drive and all around you ” L ” plates kept popping up. Or when you are pregnant, there seems to be prams everywhere? Well, whenever I go on a journey, I see how people switch off and go into their private space. HypnoBirthing® is like this. You breathe and this helps you to relax so that you have no tension in your body, so that your perfectly designed body can get on with having your baby. As the sessions progress, I can see the couples relax more and more easily and deeper. Their ability to do this increases with the more practice they do.

And it really shows.

By the end of the HypnoBirthing® course, I am truly confident that these parents to be really will have the best birth that they can have.Sounds to good to be true. Not at all!!

Give me a ring to find out more. I am waiting to hear from you. Annie.



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