Madame FontaineBleau

I love my job because I get to meet so many interesting and inspirational people. Plus of course then I have all these baby cuddles when everyone comes for a coffee morning re-union. The next one is being planned, even as I type. One of the mothers who came to one of my HypnoBirthing® classes is really fun. She is uber cool and looks like a model. If I had a sister, I would want HER to be my sister!!!

Not only is she a busy bee mama to a little boy with gorgeous knees, who is now crawling so fast, but she has launched a new range of  jewellery. The challenge was set by her man, and the brief was that the new business had to be ethical, sustainable, and possibly profitable. ( I think I made that last bit up).

So crack open the bubbly for FontaineBleau Jewellery, as these beautiful up cycled  vintage silk ties and silk materials are being transformed into bespoke necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cuff links adorned with fresh water pearls. Each one is exquisitely designed by Mrs FontaineBleau.

And I was given  a bracelet from the bridal collection!! As a prezzie!!! This bracelet is delicate, made of a sophisticated smokey colour and is enhanced by lots of seed pearls. The colour is perfect as it is my FAVOURITE colour, which just so Photo: thanks for your order Lindsey, it's in tomorrow's post...enjoy :) xhappens to be the brand colour of my HypnoBirthing® website, and of the cushions in my HypnoBirthing Studio. How perfect is that??? Even more exciting is that this Bridal Collection is just hitting the shops now as the business is truly on its way to international fame and glory.

And the inside information is that all these bijou pieces are made whilst her beautiful son zzzzzzes!!!!

FontaineBleau Jewellery can be found on facebook.

See what I mean when I say I love my job?


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