Ursula is Famous!!

Congratulations Ursula!! Axx

Popped round to see my lovely friend who lives across the fields. This enterprising lady makes aga baked, brandy sozzled, matured hand decorated fruit cakes. These delicious cakes are winning so many awards and accolades and soon you will be able to read all about it in the forth coming book. Her name? Why it is Magical Ursula!!!Not only that, but Ursula has written a book entitle, ” Fruitcake,” with an aerial photo of one of her cakes on the front cover. A big launch is scheduled with plenty of fizz and nibbles in Waterstones on Weds 23rd September at 18.00 hours. Can’t wait!! However, I had my own special book signing in my favourite pub last week. Bought a book for me and another for one of my lovely friends as a surprise.


Visit www.mycottagekitchen.co.uk

Sitting companionably in her kitchen which really does smell ♥♥ d.i.v.i.n.e ♥♥ we were discussing some of the aspects of our respective chosen businesses that made us happy.  Can you guess what they are? For Ursula, these are the things that make her smile.

  • the smell of freshly baked cakes .
  • a kitchen where all the utensils have been tidied away.

For me, I adore the moments before a new HypnoBirthing course is starting, when the room is set for the scene to unfold.

  • plumped up cushions,
  • throws on sofas,
  • flowers in the dining room
  • biscuits, sometimes home made ones all ready to be eaten.
  • music playing,
  • and uplighters softly creating the ambience.

But these moments pale into insignificance when I receive a ‘phone call, or an e.mail from the heart, telling me of a baby’s arrival. Now these are the moments to savour.The men are totally in awe of their partners. The women say they couldn’t have done it without their man. And what of the babies? Well they steal their parents hearts of course.

Surprisingly, I am always nervous before hand, and so I need time to prepare my mind. For calmness and for the ability to impart my knowledge. Affirmations are said and I walk round the room, knowing all the spaces there. When I am calm and relaxed, I am able to let my energy fill the room. I just know that it’s going to be a very special evening.

It’s all about looking at childbirth with new eyes. Let me guide you through the breathing and relaxation, and so much more, as you prepare for your baby’s arrival. It really is such a precious time. E.mail me or give me a ring. Love to hear from you. Annie.







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