Male solidarity!

” There are 10 of  us here tonight ” , he said. Strange, I didn’t think The HypnoBirthing Studio accommodated that many people. We all did a head count – then we added in the ” baby Bumps ” and we all burst out laughing.  Silly me, of course there were ten! All the couples, plus ” Beanie Baby “, ” Curly  ”, and  ” Calvados “ .

The talk had veered towards the baby’s hearing and how in an ideal situation, all unnecessary noise would be eliminated , so that the baby arrived into a quiet or silent room, now that the bag of waters would no longer be muffling all outside sounds.

  • The baby’s world is his mother’s womb, and he hears her body and knows her rhythms and the soothing beat of her heart, and her voice, and the voices of people around her, and the music she listens to and the way she and her partner talk to him or her.
  • When your baby is being born you don’t want to frighten your baby by talking loudly as your baby is very sensitive to noise, and in the outside world everything is heard without the sound levels being filtered.
  • So, be mindful of your baby and how he /she is making the most important journey of his/her life, and welcome your baby softly and gently.

With HypnoBirthing® the partner is given a set of ” Birth Prompts “, which are words or phrases that the partner can softly whisper whilst the baby is being born. These words are perfectly written for the partner.

How do I know this? Because Max’s Dad wanted me to tell all the other papas who were going to use them, that these words are so perfectly written, that nothing else is needed. And this is what I tell the couples when they come to the classes, and having such conviction from another new parent is incredibly helpful for them.

So, Max’s Dad, a big THANK YOU for helping so many other men by spreading the word!!

Traditional antenatal classes show you how to have a baby, but HypnoBirthing® really shows you how to RELAX when you have your baby, and the difference is priceless.Do get in touch to see how these stand alone classes really do prepare you, your partner and your baby for becoming a family. I would love to hear from you. Annie.


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