Masterchef and HypnoBirthing…

I get lots of phone calls from couples wanting to know what HypnoBirthing® is all about

  • Some have read articles about HypnoBirthing® in the paper.
  • Some know couples who have been on a HypnoBirthing® course.
  • Some people have seen the You Tube clip about HypnoBirthing® from The Wright Stuff

So what does HypnoBirthing® mean?

Rather like the papa in My Big Fat Greek wedding who said, Tell me a word – any word and I give you the greek word it came from”. So I give you Hypno Birth..hypno is from the greek word ύπνο= sleep. This word is pretty cool as is the greek word for bedroom - υπνοδώματιο =sleep room. How logical is that?? Also ύπνωσις=hypnosis…so straight away you get the impression that you are going to be in a very relaxed state when you have your baby.

Just to let you now that nothing quirky goes on…you won’t be running around like a headless chicken, neither will you take all your clothes off. To come out of this very relaxed state – once either myself or your partner stops saying all the relaxing words you will either drop off and have a bit of a kip..or you will just bring your presence back into the room. All very straightforward.

How do you become so relaxed?

You are shown, (I demo), you have ago – then you go home and practice. You have a relaxation cd to listen to. Listen to it anywhere, but not when you are driving…Even if I’m not running a class, if I am feeling a bit “hyper” I put my relaxation cd on and straight away I am chilling out. Clever stuff. This music is really good to listen to at night if you can’t sleep.

Anything else going on?

We watch a few dvds so you can see what a woman using HypnoBirthing looks like. Sounds strange – but if you have never seen a woman using HypnoBirthing® techniques you wouldn’t think this woman was in labour. Don’t just take my word for it. Ask other midwives who have had the priviledge of looking after a HypnoBirthing® woman. It’s a totally different sort of birth – very empowering.

Not forgetting…

Each week you have some handouts which you take home and have a look at, nothing heavy, just common sense  things.Plus you are given a HypnoBirthing® book so that you can dip in and out of this each week.

Are you feeling more confident now?

I have decided that coming on a HynoBirthing® course is rather like being on Masterchef

Mozzarella Roulade

With Masterchef you have lots of different recipes which you practice and practice, so that by the time it is lights/camera/action you know that you know all your ingredients and all you have to do on the day is to apply your knowledge.

So it is with HypnoBirthing®…you acquire skills and techniques which you practice – the earlier you come to classes, the more time you have to practice, so the more effective they will be on the day when you have to apply your knowledge. Except – you are not on your own. you have your partner or your mama or your friend and midwife to guide and support you.

Are you interested?  Book on a HypnoBirthing® course today.


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