Model poses for HypnoBirthing photo shoot

We have met before. Sometime last autumn on the last photographic course. I tell the tutor that Bill and I are ” best friends “. His response? ” Ahh, bless! “. The room is filled with tables, chairs and computer screens. There is barely space for all the eager learner paparazzi. Everyone has a reason to be here to unlock the secrets of their Digital SLR camera. I am hoping to actually discover what all the buttons and dials are for, plus I want to be able to take great pictures at my HypnoBirthing® coffee morn re-unions.

This is when  ” Magical Ursula ” from over the fields comes with her delissssh brandy award winning fruit cakes and is indispensible at being the hostess with the mostest whilst I meet and greet …and cuddle all these brand new beautiful HypnoBirthing® babies.Even in a room full of new babes, there is no noise. These HypnoBirthing® babies are always chilled out and horizontal, utterly laid back and super cool. Listening to the hum of the conversation with your eyes closed, you never could imagine that there is a room full of babies.

So quiet. Most of the babies sleep. Others look around contentedly. Some sing.

The camera course is a huge success, and due to our skilful and very knowledgeable teacher we leave confident and brimming with apertures/ISOs/depth of field and shutter speeds whizzing round our minds.Timing is everything, and as luck would have it I pressed the button just as little Flynn was being kissed unconditionally by his mama.Flushed with success, this photo now graces my website. And as a spin off due to a photo conversation I had with one of my brand new HypnoBirthing® mamas, I also now have a fabuloso  monochrome model shot of her with her gorgeous fecund belly. This picture has replaced my bought photoshop pictures which I started out with.My website is becoming more and more personal, and I love that !!!!!

So that is obviously a very good reason to book a HypnoBirthing® class, as there will be a coffee morn re-union with Ursula and her cakes, and me and my camera all waiting to welcome you !! Plus you catch up with all the couples you met during the 5 week course, and bingo, you have your own little networking group.

Get in touch and see what a difference HypnoBirthing® really really makes . I’d love to hear from you. Annie.

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