More Birds and Bees…

Thinking about my recent “Birds and Bees” tour at Kew Gardens made me think more about how wonderfully programmed the survival of the species is.Here’s a thought….

For the men;

  • It takes over 70 days for sperm to be produced.
  • Mind boggling quantities are made.
  • Only 1 mature sperm in 10 is completely perfect and capable of fertilising an egg.
  • Only the fastest and the strongest sperm will be successful.

For the women;

  • In the 4th month of embryonic development, all the eggs that she will ever produce are in her ovaries in an immature form.
  • 6-7 million eggs are produced.
  • Even before she is born, millions of eggs will have expired.
  • At puberty,when ovulation occurs,only about 2 million immature eggs remain.
  • During the reproductive period, the ovaries use only about200-400 eggs.

 When a baby girl is born, already she is carrying all the eggs needed to make her parents into grandparents. Fascinating.


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