Name Dropping.

Busy week. Spot of shopping. Plenty of shops. Not much parking. Lots of chaos and noise and throngs of people. And then away from it all. We are on a tour of the rich and famous. How could we drive so near and not go to take a peek?

So here we are in the rich suburbs outside the hotel complete with it’s own helicopter landing pad. Parking outside the shuttered gates we sit and admire the venue where Liz Hurley got married. Truly breath taking. Then it’s off to a Castle for some rest and relaxation. Turns out that Kate Moss has stayed here. The next day we are up early and it’s a yoga session held on the roof top. Sweet.┬áNothing complicated. Yoga made simple. Couldn’t do the head stand, but our yoga guru could!! Mr Singh you truly are the host with the most and we had a marvellous time. A massive thank you to you and to Mayur for being so fabulous, and of course to Drs Graham and Christine and Mr and Mrs Dispersements. You made our Rajasthan trip so very special.

All chilled out and pretty horizontal and all ready for the next HypnoBirthing┬«┬ácourse that I am running. Can’t wait! Annie x


Thank you to team yoga for allowing me to use this photo. Ax

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