Niff Naff and Trivia.

The egg lady came round today with a box of delicious freshly laid eggs.What a treat!

I think of her as my balcony friend.

Whenever she visits she boosts me up, nourishes my soul and leaves me energised and smiling.First up was a garden tour, and then we set about setting the world to rights.

What did we talk about? The maternity services in Cambodia where if you have enough money the midwife will bathe your baby, or the Buffalo house in Vietnam where …….

No, we talked about her “Girlies”. Alice, Mabel, Violet,┬áand naughty Lucy.Each with their own personality and each laying their distinctive eggs. At the moment they are laying 2 eggs on alternate days, and boy do they let you know when they have laid an egg. First a snack a roo, followed by a retreat to somewhere private and comfy. Poor Mabel wanders around and finds a hollow in the dirt or a hidey hole in the front hedge. Called hide and seek. Then a triumphant aria proclaiming that a fresh egg has just been laid.

We laughed like drains and took lots of photos as we ate quite literally the fruits of their labours.

So whilst we didn’t put the world to rights, we did come up with a sound business idea which utilises our professional skills and experience. A team event. They used to say, ” Go to work on an egg” . Edwina, we certainly did.

Before our new business is launched, there are new HypnoBirthing® classes to arrange and lots of e.mails to reply to. By the time every couple arrives at The Studio, I feel that already we have a good rapport. So important.

Give me a ring to find out more about how HypnoBirthing® can really change the way you have your baby,or babies. I would love to hear from you. Annie.

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