No red pens allowed!!

My testimonial page needs refreshing and so  does my blog page, so I gather all my KIND WORDS and photos and start putting all the stories together.

  • If I am very organised I take lots of photos of each couple,
  •  but sometimes I forget, and only manage a group line up.
  • However, the last group piccie I took, I am very pleased with as I rather artistically got everyone to pose.
  • You will have to wait and see the result.
  •  Need to crop and tweak!!

Am having a lot of fun writing my BLOG POSTS. Such a rich and diverse source of material to choose from.Ideas pop up in the middle of the night, and are hastily scribbled down in the dark. Titles for the Blog Post come later, and finally the photos are added.

Which reminds me, I have rather a lot of photos to send to the couples that I have met. Generally I write the blogs in advance, as then there is no pressure on me. At the outset, I decided that once a fortnight was realistic for me and my lifestyle, and this still works for me. The words come much easier now, and I no longer feel that I am going to be judged. Wow, that’s a relief!!

And the reason why the BLOG POSTS go live on a SUNDAY?

Why that’s the day my little Blondie Girl arrived. And the time the posts are published?? Has to be 10.30am, as that is the EXACT time she put in her appearance. !!! Makes me go all misty and smiley as I remember.


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