Not quite naked.

How embarrassing to get off the chair lift on DAY ONE of the skiing holiday, execute a perfect parallel turn, lose control, spin round and fall helplessly on my back, skiis pointing  up the mountain, head heading down the slope.

Throwing all my toys out of the pram, in atrocious French I cry out that I hate skiing and I want a vacation somewhere hot and sunny. Between sobs of shreded dignity and total humiliation, Davide, my hero comes and rescues me. The chic charismatic seen it all before ski guide made me his mission for the rest of the day.” On y va” was the phrase that kept me going and I followed in his tracks, never deviating.

Brief adjournment for lunch. Yay!!

By now my body had had enough and so I retired as gracefully as I could. Bizarrely when I reached the hotel instead of heading for a long soak in the bath, I heard the words coming from I know not where, that madame would like a massage if this was possible. Zut alors. I would have practised this phrase if I knew it was going to be used.

Feeling slight intrepidation, as I didn’t know the masseusse, I started to undress. Nothing coy about this massage. Pjs off, thermal vest off. Knickers allowed. Face down on the couch and breathe…

She’s only young and has a year old son. She works each day and her fingers and feet are tired by the end of each day.

Shoulders being kneaded. Lots of knots. Now arms. I fell on my arm and it’s sore. Her fingers go deeper and I know that she is good at her job. I start to relax and stop talking my disgraceful grammatically incorrect French, and just go with the flow. What a difference that makes. I feel♥free♥and ♥flexible♥. Safe and secure in safe hands. The right hands. Such a marvellous feeling to trust someone and know that they are there in your best interest.

Money well spent. Didn’t mind too much about the knickers. Happy to have been cosseted.

I appreciate that when parents choose to come to my classes, on the first session a lot of the men are pretty nervous. Body language gives the game away. I have some fail safe strategies for the potentially awkward first meeting. My aim is to help them overcome their qualms and to let them know that I am good in my job and that they are in safe hands. By the end of the first session, I love it when we say our goodbyes when I can see how they have started to glow with confidence. Love it even more when they say they can’t wait for the next session!!

Hurrah! we are on our way!!! Love my job!!! Love to meet you!! Give me a call. Annie .

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