Nuggets of Gold

Darkness and quietness make for good bed fellows when a baby is being born. More labour hormones are produced and in turn more endorphins too. I know everyone’s birth stories, but it is when we all meet up for our coffee morning get together that all the nuggets of gold come to the surface.

Beautiful landscape.

One of the mums was having her baby in a midwife led unit in a water pool. Her room was dark and tranquil, lit  by small battery operated rainbow lights. Visualisation posters adorned the walls along side the aquatic mural.I have a beautiful photograph of her looking serene in the water, wearing her tankini and smiling at the camera.When the midwives came into her room, they remarked how it seemed like a Tropical Paradise!

Another mother had originally wanted to have her baby at home in water, but her pregnancy had moved into the realms of ” Special Circumstances, ” and so she and her husband went to the main maternity unit 30 miles away. They made the labour room their own special birth place.

  • One uplighter.
  • Sparkling lights.
  • Visualisation posters.
  • Blue satin ribbon in her hand

Her midwife said that her room was a ” True oasis of calm.”

My colleagues are absolutely fabulous.Thank you for your open minds and for helping all the couples that you meet have truly the best birth that they can have. Everyone remembers their midwife and birth memories are so precious. So a huge thank you from me! Annie xxx


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