Nuts and Bolts.

Pretty busy this week. Lots of extra HypnoBirthing© sessions for new parents and also for couples adding to their families. Wonderful to catch up and see photos of toddlers and school age children. See what a delightful time I have? These sessions are quite precise in that I want to ensure that confidence is high and that the partners know exactly what they will be doing. No two refresher sessions are the same. Different people. Different dynamics. Always good to talk about their previous birth experience. What techniques were used and what were the most beneficial aspects of HypnoBirthing©.

This time we started by recapping about labour. Lots of interaction. Plus photographs. Then a comfort break and lots of breathing and relaxation. I can always tell when the couple are working as a strong team. The dream Team! Different when there is already a baby at home. Not so much time to focus on the new baby.  I am always so impressed by the way the men rise to the occasion. No wonder their partner’s say that their man is their rock. The women are so fabulous at letting go and relaxing and breathing. Plenty of time to go over specifics. Sometimes I play a dvd showing another couple birthing their baby using HypnoBirthing© techniques.

By the end of the session, I am quietly confident that this couple will go forward and have the best birth that they can have. Plus their baby will be a chilled out, horizontal little person. can’t wait to hear the name they have chosen for their baby!!

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