Oliver is coming to play!!

  The train set is out, complete with signals and bridge, so that Oliver can have a fun time whilst his new brother comes to meet all the other HypnoBirthing® babies. There is going to be 15 of us in all, including,

   William ,  Emily  ,   Max ,  Maggie ,   BrookeLuca

Flapjacks made, chocolate Brownies on a plate, juice, tea and coffee     on the table.

I have a confession to make. The chocolate Brownies need chocolate drizzling on top. However, whilst making the Brownies, I ate the bar of chocolate that was the designated decoration. All of it.

Shame on me.

Ursula, my lovely friend who lives across the fields,who makes award winning brandy infused fruit cakes is coming to serve all the drinks. A huge thank you Ursula XX .You can almost smell the cakes as you look at her website.


 I have invited 2 HypnoBirthing® classes as I am always happy for mamas to have a good social network. All the mamas used HypnoBirthing® to have the best birth for them, and although I already know their stories, I know that every one will be sharing their experiences. I feel so humble that I have played a small part in their birth stories. I also know that I will be so proud of these capable confident women who have embraced motherhood so whole heartedly.

And for the papas who don’t come there will be a doggy bag of cakes.

Have got my camera ready.Can’t wait!

What a lovely morning!! All you cool and laid back mamas and papa and all your happy , contented and gorgeous little babies. The house was so quiet, you never would have believed there were so many babies there. Breast feeding and chilling out. Thank you for coming back, it was a true pleasure catching up with all of you. Annie.



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