On the job.

Crack open the bubbly because there is a lot to celebrate.It is a mandatory study day at maternity, and it is pot luck which of my colleagues will be attending.Today there are a lot of midwives who were all having babies at the same time.

  • We have palpated each others bellies,
  •  and auscultated the fetal hearts,
  •  and have been with each other when our babies were born.
  •  So a lot of camaraderie and connections going on here.
  • So much catching up to do.

Plus some photos for fun. Soon the lecture theatre in the basement will be redundant, so these pictures are for posterity.

Each pregnant woman is given a pregnancy book which is very informative, plus it holds her pregnancy records. The really exciting news is that from August, beside the details of the hospital run antenatal classes ,there will now be a mention of HypnoBirthing® and my website is mentioned.


Thank you so much for letting all the  women having babies know about HypnoBirthing, as it really does make a difference in the way their babies are born . Without clear options , how can you make an informed choice?

And the other incident that made my heart sing, was to discover that the hospital antenatal classes were heavily oversubscribed and people were being turned away, so now in the parentcraft book are the details of all the antenatal classes that I run, so again options are given so that choices can be made. Oh yes!!

A red letter day indeed

If you are having a baby, do give me a ring and see what all your options are. I really LOVE my “job”, and I would so much  like to meet you and give you the confidence to have your baby calmly. Annie. 

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