P is for….

Have you looked at your pregnancy hand held notes and done a double take?Do all the written entries look as though they are written in a foreign language?

For a midwife all the abbreviations are what we are used to, but it can be confusing if you have not been given an explanation.

So, if this is the first time you have been pregnant then it will be noted that you are “G.1 P.0.” The “G” stands for “gravidarum” meaning pregnant . The number that follows denotes the number of pregnancies you have had. If it is your first pregnancy, then because you have not yet given birth, the letter “P.” equates to parity or birth, then the number following the letter “P.”will be 0 or zero.If it is your second pregnancy and you already have a child then it will be noted that you are G.2 P.1.

It becomes slightly more complicated if you have given birth to twins say, as then if you are subsequently pregnant for the second time, having already had twins previously, your notes will be accredited with the abbreviation of G.2 P 2.Pregnant twice, with two births.Some women have very complicated obstetric histories, but at your booking appointment this is when your midwife will ask you about your pregnancy history.

Important for you. Important for us.

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