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Let me share with you through my blogs what happens when couples attend a Hypnobirthing®course.  Hypnobirthing® has been going for a long time, but you are probably unsure what it entails, or whether to be sceptical- (but have a look at the comments on the testimonial page.) Some of these couples were also sceptical at the beginning  (well their partners were!) but by the end of the first session they were totally convinced, and the results during labour speak for themselves.

Let me allay your fears as you make the journey from being a couple into becoming a family, (or adding to your family). Is there anything you want me to blog about? I appreciate your comments… I am listening…


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Masterchef and HypnoBirthing…

Masterchef and HypnoBirthing…

I get lots of phone calls from couples wanting to know what HypnoBirthing® is all about Some have read articles about HypnoBirthing® in the paper. Some know couples who have been on a HypnoBirthing® course. Some people have seen the You Tube clip about HypnoBirthing® from The Wright Stuff So what does HypnoBirthing® mean? Rather like the… Read more

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