Peek A Boo Blue

Cast aside all your preconceptions about having a baby. Stop reading about births from hell in the magazines. Cover your ears when strangers and well meaning friends start telling you negative birth stories.These are other peoples’ experiences.

  • This is your baby.

  • This is your unique story.

  • Everyone’s journey is different.

Prepare your home. Prepare where your baby will sleep.Choose the colours for the walls and the curtains and the blinds.This is a magical dreamy time. A time before your life changes. A time when you really can’t imagine how life will be. And yet, once your baby is in your arms, you can’t imagine a time without your baby.

Fill your chest of drawers with all the essentials for your baby. Clothes and nappies. And even more nappies. Not too many clothes as a baby brings out the tender side of people and you will have so many presents filling the drawers.Look at prams and car seats and deliberate the merits of different makes.

So much to do and so many decisions to make.

Prepare your house. Prepare your body. But don’t forget to prepare your mind.

Calm births take place in the mind.

A thought creates a belief.

The mind is so powerful.

Spend even more time preparing your mind than buying all the baby equipment. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And so it is with having a baby.

You need time to prepare for labour, and meeting your baby.

Time to practise breathing and deep relaxation so that your thoughts don’t influence your mind in a negative way.

Time to relax. Quiet time for you and for your baby. Your baby needs peaceful times too.

This is how HypnoBirthing® changes the way you think about birth. And when this happens, the way you have your baby changes too.To find out more, do get in touch, as HypnoBirthing® allows you to have the best birth you can have. Phone 01743 861235. I would love to hear from you. Annie.


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