The film” Philomena” was released to the public on November 1st, starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan.I adore Judi Dench, so had to go and see it.Such good reviews, plus awards from The Venice Film Festival.What the papers didn’t say is that you need a big pocket full of tissues as it is so poignant.

It reminded me of the time when I was a newly fledged midwife and I was working at the local maternity unit. Each shift we were allocated our tasks for the day.That day was a day that has always been etched on my mind.It was when a mother was giving over her baby for  adoption.She was young and held on tightly to her baby. He was swaddled and sleeping and you could just see his sweet face. A shock of jet black hair stuck up in spikes. The mother kissed  her baby and breathed him in and handed him over to me, and then left with her mother.

I sat down on the chair beside the bed and cuddled this beautiful little boy. I sent his natural mother love and light and then just looked at this tiny baby. He looked around 6 and a half pounds and I remembered thinking that his face was so sensitive and sweet that when he grew up he may like poetry and music. I had never seen such a sweet face.

Later that day his new parents came to collect their baby boy.They had never held a baby and they were excited and nervous. They had a private room so they could meet and hold their baby.

This was a day full of emotion for everyone. A day that will remain with all concerned. A day full of love.

I know I have seen this sweet baby since. He is grown up now and HE has a baby. A little boy that looks just like him. The same sweet face.It was a face that I could never forget.


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