Photo shoot

So much has been going on lately, that I have quite neglected to update my blog. No excuses, I hold my hands up.However, I have not been idling away the summer. Au contraire. So I thought I would have a catwalk gallery here of some of the couples and babies that I have recently met. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

My hypnobirthing sessions continue on a regular basis.

 I love watching all the couples that I meet blossom and grow in confidence week by week.

Couples are adding to their families and so refresher sessions are scheduled just to “top up” and provide some more inspiration. As I work from home as a self employed midwife, I have great flexibility as to when I can offer sessions.

Often a spin round the garden, or a cup of tea in my summerhouse is on the cards.

All delightful activities.It is such a treat catching up with families and meeting their delightful toddlers. I keep a train set especially for these occasions.

I am not sure who enjoys playing with the trains most, me or the little ones.

The relaxation sessions I provide for women who are currently experiencing fertility issues are proving popular, and I feel very privileged in being able to offer emotional support, along with some welcome deep relaxation.

Lots of candles and flowers.

Think I will call these sessions, “Queen of Sheba Sessions” as truly I pull out all the stops for the women that I meet.

Coffee morning reunions are a big highlight for me as I get to meet all these strong, beautiful mothers with their gorgeous babies.

Can’t stop cuddling these babies .

Love, love love my life. Annie xx

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