Ping Ping.

Lots of e-mails have been pinging into my in box this weeks. Thick and fast. Over the last couple of weeks I have been running various sessions, not just Hypnobirthing©  classes, but traditional antenatal courses, waterbirth classes and ” Baby Practicality ” sessions too. Plus there have been a lot of  meeting all the new arrivals at our coffee mornings and lunch gatherings.

Love my Life.

Surprisingly I am always slightly nervous when I meet new couples for the first time. It works both ways. Body language is very eloquent, and I am a good reader by now. Before a new session begins, I always put my relaxing music on and make sure that I have had a revitalising smoothie to drink. I have learnt that I never can eat just before I start a session and by the time everyone has left I need only a snack. However, when I think back to when 30 couples would arrive for  an antenatal class at maternity, I realise how much easier my job is now.

Of course, working from home makes a real difference. Home ground. Familiarity. Everything just where it should be. No compromises. No stress. Plumped up cushions.

My idea of having a better work / life balance is paying off and now that my diary is no longer filled to bursting with commitments, my mind is more rested. And I feel much more creative and in control. Now I value all my time so much more and I use my time well.

  • Time for family.
  •  Time for friends.
  • Time to smell the roses.
  • Time to give to couples who are trying for a baby. The Hypnofertility© training I undertook is invaluable in de stressing couples who are currently experiencing fertility issues.
  • Time to truly make a difference to those couples that attend my HypnoBirthing® sessions so they look forward to the arrival of their new baby with excitement.

Do get in touch to see how I can help you calm your mind. It really will make such a difference,

 Life is  Sweet.

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