Pink socks.

Birth announcements fill me with delight.Little Jessica had arrived and I was thrilled to hear about her birth straight from her dad.You could hear the raw emotion and the awe and the total amazement in his voice. ” It was so magical,” he said. Kate was ” wonderful and I look at her with awe.”

I feel so blessed to have played a small part in this couple’s life. Actually, not such a small part. An amazingly significant part, as when Jessica grows up, she will have no fear of having a baby. See how a shift in thought and belief can have a profound effect, even influencing the next generation? Massive.

This couple have been recommending me to so many of their friends and colleagues. I feel they should officially be on my payroll! Thank you. I am very grateful for your kind words. Word of mouth is truly priceless for a business. When we had first met, I had asked them how they had found out about the HypnoBirthing© sessions that I run. A friend whose work colleague had been to one of my classes had been raving about HypnoBirthing©, and so the word had spread.

This couple had been so open and receptive when they came to the HypnoBirthing© sessions. Embracing the philosophy and all the rationale, they had truly committed to practising all the relaxation techniques.I could see it in their eyes that they felt strong and confident.I asked them what was one of the strongest beliefs they had when they arrived at maternity to have their baby? Without a moments hesitation, the reply came back,

“We knew that we were not patients, clients or service users, but parents.”

Swiftly followed by the words, ” We also knew that our bodies were amazing and perfectly designed to have a baby.”

Manna to my ears.The icing on the cake came when this new family popped round for coffee. Loved meeting Jessica. Loved seeing how this couple had slipped into parenthood. Congratulations to you and your family. Annie xx

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