Poetry In Motion.

That’s how it was when I was watching Roger Federer play Gilles Simon in the Men’s Quarter Final at Wimbledon on Wednesday.Talented and skilful, it was a sheer delight to watch these great players.The atmosphere on the court was fabulous and Roger had a shed load of supporters. Including ME!!

I had been invited to Wimbledon by my sweet London friend, and I was thrilled that she had given me first refusal.♥♥♥

Lunch on a bench, shared by two grandmas who declared that so many babies were on their way, that 2015 should be known as The Year Of The Babies!!! Dear Reader, would you have jumped up and mentioned hypnobirthing????? I thought about it, but I have been brought up to believe that discretion is the better part of valour, so I kept mum, and enjoyed my feta and cucumber canapes.

Despite a few stops for rain, the good humour of the crowd, a spontaneous Mexican Wave and a generous supply of strawberries made for a really enjoyable afternoon. Seeing Live Tennis bears no resemblance to watching a match on TV. The atmosphere of the court along with all the applause lift the game into a marvellous experience. Totally buzzing we walked back to my girlfriend’s flat. This was the second day of the tube strike and all the buses were crammed full.

A restful day followed with a visit to The Audrey Hepburn Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery before catching the train home.

Now I am looking forward to meeting all you super chilled our couples in the hypnobirthing class tomorrow eve.No strawberries, but plenty of refreshments!! Can’t wait. Axx

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