Possibly the best head massage in THE WORLD.

It is the second session and the lights are low and the music is playing softly in the background. Actually, the lighting is not disimilar from when we have a power cut. Living in the country means that sometimes my house is the last house to be reconnected, which is why there are lots of candles stored in the war cupboard. However, this evening all is well with energy sources and relaxation is the order of the day

The talk is all about endorphins and that wonderful feeling you experience when these hormones are activated, either in labour, or just generally in life.Now it’s time for some massage. The spine tingling type that makes you have goose bumps on your body.All the partners are very adept, even with a roomful of other people. No hesitation here. Bravo men!

Back massage. Arm massage. Head massage.

It was the head massage which made me think back to the time I was travelling in India.

Where else could you have an Indian Head Massage, but in India. In a room with a coloured curtain screening the doorway which fluttered as a light breeze moved the fabric. No background music. Only the sound of the birds outside. Utter silence in my head and perfect, perfect hands that soothed and caressed my head. No tension there now. All gone. So, I believe that I have experienced just possibly, the best Indian Head Massage in the world. In Rajasthan, where the shepherds are the most photographed men in the province.

The evening ended on a total high. Perhaps it was the fact that these couples had really clicked. Maybe it was the atmosphere and the way the session had panned out. Either way we  were all buzzing when we said our farewells. A great way to prepare for having a baby.

Come and join a forever growing group of like mined people. HypnoBirthing© certainly changes the way you view birth. Would love to meet you. Annie xx


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