Potato Flour.

Some educational entrepreneurs offer more than the basic service that they supply. Often relevant and associated products are available to buy. For me, I have the opportunity to sell lots of  ” Add ons “, and lots of couples who come to my HypnoBirthing® sessions ask me if I have thought of selling such and such.

A long time ago, I did consider the possibilities, and actually there are lots of avenues to explore out there. A bit like when you reach the check out to pay for a book of stamps, and you see the glitter pen which makes you think that you actually do NEED a glitter pen, even if before hand it hadn’t crossed your mind.

Businesses grow, develop and change. You never quite know which direction you will be taken in. Best to ride with each fresh idea and see how far it takes you. Keep an open mind and you will be constantly surprised where you end up. So in the spirit of expansion, I sat down and compiled a list of possible products to sell to the parents that I meet.

Impressive list really, and easy to slightly think out side the box. Various companies investigated. Some e.mails exchanged. Cash flow and outlay worked out. Spread sheets looking promising with the additional revenue.

And the upshot?

I am confident and happy running my waterbirth, home birth, HypnoBirth® and antenatal classes just as a straight forward service. My decision is not to sell any products. I don’t want to be a vendeur, only want to provide a service in guiding parents through the childbirth maze. Being a midwife gives me a wealth of experience and skills to draw from, and having spent decades being truly ” with women”,  I can give you the best of my knowledge and expertise. So don’t procrastinate. Get in touch and let our paths cross.

Maybe I will bake, perhaps an orange and almond cake made with potato flour, or some Greek honey and cinnamon biscuits! Annie x

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