Pretty emotional.

  • Watching Jonathon and Charlotte on You Tube. Seeing them both blossom as their confidence grows.Listening to their voices which are so beautiful totally inspires me.
  • Unexpectedly catching sight of a bride as she stood poised on the threshold of her new life. Weddings always thrill me. A posse of picture perfect bridesmaids accompanying her.The photographer taking such memorable pictures.Cars blow their horns and people wave.
  • Saying farewell to a colleague at maternity who is retiring. A surprise party with balloons and cakes and lots and lots of friends waiting . Always such a pleasure to work with this person. Smiling and for ever going the extra mile.She cries and I well up too.
  • Singing Happy Birthday to my little boy. Remembering when I first held him and how he captured our hearts.  How he slept with his arms outstretched, wearing a little blue nightie.His tightly closed eyes gradually opening to reveal such new eyes. Always I see his beautiful new eyes which have never changed. Born at 6.30 am he blew us away. Each birthday is so joyous and I never forget the day he arrived. Learning to let go and watch as he soars with all his hopes and dreams.

Happy Birthday Darling Boy.You are so loved and we are all so proud of all your achievements.

  • Accidently bumping into a new mother down town. She looks radiant and happy and it makes my heart sing just to hug her.I have some lovely photographs of her baby which I must send to her. Recently she and her baby came to my HypnoBirthing®coffee morning get together, and I know that all the new mums that came that day are going to continue meeting up regularly.
  • ..and the icing on the cake has to be hearing that MY London Friend ♥ who has been working abroad for the last three years is coming back to very near where I live.

My life is indeed sweet.

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