Prezzies @ midnight

make a wish

It’s my birthday, and I love my birthdays as I adore all the phone calls and texts and flowers and ribbons and balloons and prezzzzies!!! In fact everything that means all my family and friends are thinking of me. I feel like a flower basking in the hot sunshine!!


I  was a skinalamink baby – weighing 5lbs 2oz, and I  made my appearance at 6.30am. Perfect timing as this means I am allowed to open my prezzies at breakfast. When I was little , I was asked on my birthday if I had grown in the night! So now I ask my children the same question, and they laugh and humour me. I love the fact that where ever children are, their mamas always remember their birth – days.


I have seen so many babies on their birth – day.It is so magical and such a privilege to be part of such an incredible and personal experience.


Do I remember the first baby I helped into the world ? Of course I do. I have a photo of me holding him . He is brand new,  and I look so young!! The midwife I worked with was so passionate and clever and wise, and I remember being in such awe of her. So many things to be done almost at the same time..

v      baby arriving, look at clock

v      ? skin to skin or gift wrapped in a towel

v      ?little girl or little boy

v      noting the Apgar scores

v      checking mama,papa,baby are all ok

v      ? leaving cord to pulsate

v      cord to clamp..and cut

v      waiting for the afterbirth

v      ? Rhesus neg. Then cord  and maternal blood


Then first feed. First weigh. First phone call..


And just as no two labours are the same, so no two births are the same, and no two babies are the same ( apart from identical twins/triplets). I know that I am very honoured to be a midwife. All you mamas, and papas and babies – a thousand thank yous. You make my life so rich and colourful.


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Just off to blow out my candles and to make a wish – but before I go, I have a question.What happens if your baby arrives at 23.59 pm ?  Is it prezzies at midnight??

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