Puckers and Gathers….

I used to watch my mum sew when I was growing up.I remember she made an exquisite evening gown of apricot silk, and she wafted out in a haze of perfume and pure beautifulness. Hand made. Not Home Made. Big difference. At school I took sewing lessons for a year. The first garment I sewed was an emerald green “A” line skirt with darts and zip. Such a lovely colour. First outing ,looking very ladylike, I climbed a tree and tore a hole in it.

Many years later, I am enthralled by making my own clothes. Hand made, not Home Made. I go to sewing lessons and I have a sewing bag with all my needles and threads. Don’t you love the word “Notions?” I have a box of notions. I also have a box of embellishments and sequins. My perfect afternoon is spending time meticulously making a garment. Since my sewing lessons, zips hold no fear for me. I can align and sew really quite neatly so there is no puckering. Not mastered the art of making buttonholes yet!!

I was telling this to the ┬ácouples that came to one of my hypnobirthing groups, because, when I walked into the sewing venue, I really wasn’t sure who would be there, what my tutor would be like and if I had made a wise choice in signing up. As soon as the tutor introduced herself and told us about her background, I just knew that I was in the right place, with the right people. Everyone else in the sewing group was there to learn. We were all keen, and realised that we were in totally good hands. Our teacher knew her way around Tailor’s Hams, overlockers and twin needles. A big sigh of relief. No question was too silly. Great!!

I realised that I needed to be like my sewing teacher. Knowledgeable and good at my job.I have worked hard and been to lots of training events. I am up to date and have just revalidated as a practising Midwife. I am going to show you new techniques for having a baby, so that you feel calm, confident and in control. Maybe we won’t be putting in zips, but we will be unravelling the journey that surrounds childbirth. My aim is to set all the couples that come to see me up for success. To show you how you how women are perfectly designed to have a baby, and to show you how to have the best birth that you can have.

Come and sign up for what will be a very exciting course. Can’t wait to meet you, Annie xx


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