All the birthing balls that I have accumulated over the years have found new homes. They have slowly multiplied and I can no longer hide them from my family. So a big thank you to all the couples who gallantly put a birthing ball onto the back seat of their car when they came to the last HypnoBirthing® session of the course.

” Take one, Use it, Pass it on”.

Love birthing balls. Great for when you are pregnant as it allows for good posture when sitting on it. Super for labour as you can adopt many positions which are beneficial. I have kept one which lives under the dining room table.

All the women that I meet really enjoy learning how to use these birthing balls. The men too. They like sitting on them when I take photos of everyone. Who knew that it would be used so?

Book onto a HypnoBirthing® course, or a water birth session and see how useful a birthing ball can be.

Love to see you, Annie xx

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